toto (heroincookies) wrote in that_band,

punk gets dumber every day is the most retarded site ever. leave it to punk rock losers to need a website like this validate their right to vote. voting is important but the whole angle behind this site is completely dumb. the only part of the site that deals with the actual voting process is a link to the federal election commission's printable registration form. the rest of the site is completely pointless merchandise with lame anti-bush slogans and BREAKING anti-bush news (they reported on how bush fell of a mountain bike..hmmm). they do make some claims about the bush administration in their column "conspiracy corner" but it's horribly angled and biased to the point of bullshit. theyve released a compilation CD with 26 equally worthless bands packaged with a cute picture of ol dubya reeling in fear from punk music. what part of buying this cd helps the cause in actually ousting bush? its a mystery. its for the activist in everyone. perhaps listening to punk music will strike anger into the hearts of every 13 yearold and cause them to start one of those revolutions. oh right. most of the fans for these bands arent old enough to vote anyway. what this site comes down to is a big propaganda orgy against bush, which is fine by me since i'm not a supporter myself but the whole anti-bush thing is horribly cliched and everyone already seems to hate him and i dont think crap like this is going to change the overwhelming public opinion that bush is a fucking moron. all you need to do is watch the news to reach the same conclusion that this fucking stupid site is trying to get to... or sell to you.
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